In 1967 by the order and direct supervision of Soviet Government Tsaghkadzor General Sport Complex was put into operation. The Complex not only had vital significance for sports but it also had political importance and was in the spotlight of all Soviet countries. The thing is that only one year after, in 1968, the 19th Olympic Games were to be held in Mexico. Soviet Union had to present itself with dignity: sport records, medalists.

19th Olympic Games were special by the number of participating countries and athletes (112 nations, 5, 530 athletes), by the choice of the season and by the usage of electric equipment. However the main subject of discussions and anxiety was the geographical location of Mexico (2240 m). None of the previous 18 Olympic Games were held in these conditions. That’s why the main Soviet Sport Complex was built in Tsaghkadzor which was approximately on the same height/1840m/ and had similar weather conditions as Mexico.

Tsaghkadzor General Sport Complex enjoyed reputation growth when the Soviet team won 91 medals in the 19th Olympic Games. Vast majority of gold medalists practiced/trained particularly in this Sport Complex. This tradition continued for years. Only the best athletes had the honor to train here (Alexander Medved, Boris Gurevich, Yuri Vardanyan, Levon Julfalakayan, Israel Militonyan, Hoksen Mirzoyan, David Rikhter and others).

From its very foundation Tsaghkadzor General Sport Complex has special standards and unique traditions that have never been broken during the past 43 years. Today the hotel doors are wide open for everyone, however the principles of hospitality and healthy lifestyle are the same; people enjoying their rest here feel themselves at home.

It seems there is nothing strange that the resort is in a mountainous terrain. Yes, there are numerous hotels of this kind but Tsaghkadzor General Sport Complex is exclusive as it is built right in the forest. Perhaps that is why being only 60 km far from the capital Yerevan, it makes people resting here feel completely detached from hustle and bustle of the big city and daily routine.

Another world with salubrious nature and generous hospitality…