Mountains with virgin nature, fragrant ancient forests, sky meeting the mountains, soft breeze, caressing sun…And this is Tsaghkadzor…Gorge of flowers…Armenian Alps

Welcome to our world of “mountainous hospitality”…

Tsaghkadzor is one of the most beautiful mountain resorts of the world. That is what locals think and all those who were lucky to be here at least once agree with them. This resort- rich with recreation customs- is situated on the South East of mountain range Tsaghkunyats, 1840m above sea-level. It is surrounded with mountains (the highest of which are Teghnis/2820/ and Tsaghkunyats/2851/) that are covered with thick and verdant forests. Not long ago Tsaghkadzor was announced an international tourism center. It offers, perhaps, the largest variety of active recreation in Armenia.

Tsaghkadzor is perfect for mountaineering, mountain biking and for lovers of other extreme sports.

Winter in Tsaghkadzor

Crystal clear air, bright and clean winter sky and snow-capped mountains…pure white everywhere.

Winter is Tsaghkadzor’s season. It is rather mild here. The temperature in January is -9⁰.The ski season starts at the end of November and finishes mid-April. Snow surface on the slopes of the mountain is 1.4 meters and due to exceptional weather conditions even long after the snowfall its surface doesn’t freeze.

Tsaghkadzor has enchanting power: those who visited it once desire to be back again.

Once again, Welcome.